The Empowered Feminine

The Empowered Feminine

Meditating with the Dakini Mandala

Bestselling author Lama Tsultrim Allione teaches accessible and authentic practices for invoking the energy of the five dakinis—incarnations of the divine feminine from Tibetan Buddhism. Explore mandala-based practices for meditation, self-discovery, connecting with nature, healing, and integrating the virtues of the dakinis into your life.

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A master teacher offers a fresh and faithful approach for invoking the power of the five dakinis—the fierce and loving goddesses of Tibetan Buddhism.
Female energy is on the rise. Courageous women everywhere are bursting through the seams of the patriarchy. Yet tearing down old barriers is not enough—how can we access the power of the feminine in a way that heals wounds and brings our world into balance? Lama Tsultrim Allione invites you to discover the five dakinis of Tibetan Buddhism, luminous “sky dancers” who carry the feminine’s transformative gifts. With The Empowered Feminine, this bestselling author presents an in-depth learning course for creating profound change—to accelerate your spiritual growth and serve the needs of our planet. 
A Practical Approach for Embracing Archetypal Feminine Forces
Lama Tsultrim begins by introducing you to the five dakinis, and explores how this tradition has evolved from the time of the Buddha into the modern age. Then she takes you step-by-step into the mandala of the five dakinis: a versatile framework for meditation, self-examination, connecting with nature, and healing. In ten audio sessions, you’ll explore:
• The history and practice of feminine energy in Buddhism
• The energies of each dakini—and how to tell which dakini “family” you belong to
• How to transform the “five poisons” of the ego into the “five medicines” of awakening
• The Dakini Mandala—a template for returning to our innate wholeness
•  How the feminine can come into wise partnership with the masculine
•  The outer, inner, and secret dakini
•  In-depth practices for realizing the transformative power of the five dakini virtues
“A dakini is both compassionate and relentless, burning away the ego,” says Lama Tsultrim. “Wherever we cling, she cuts; whatever we hide from ourselves, she reveals.” Discover how you can bring the wisdom, grace, and fierceness of the dakinis into spiritual practice and everyday life with The Empowered Feminine.





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