The Psychedelic Wisdom Intensive

Integrating Non-Ordinary States for Growth and Transformation
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A 3-Month Online Course on Integrating Non-Ordinary States for Healing and Transformation

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The Psychedelic Renaissance has arrived.

But where is the Psychedelic Wisdom?

Join host Sean Lawlor and more than a dozen renowned teachers, therapists, practitioners, and guides like Dr. Gabor Maté, Dr. Rosalind Watts, Dr. Stan and Brigiette Grof, and Jack Kornfield as they unpack the possibilities and pitfalls of non-ordinary states of consciousness and the careful use of psychedelics.

Despite all of the interest in—and growing evidence for—the therapeutic benefits of these experiences, many overlook important nuances of this unique healing process. How do you prepare yourself with information and intention that creates a sacred space for healing? How can you successfully navigate both the incredible revelations and deep challenges of non-ordinary states? What tools can you learn to help you integrate these insights into your daily life and turn these transformative moments into a lifetime of real change? All of this is what we call Psychedelic Wisdom.

With 12 live weekly sessions, Q&As, and helpful guided practices and techniques, community sessions, and so much more—all led by experts in the fields of therapy, meditation, addiction, ancestral wisdom and ceremonies, trauma, and plant medicines including psychedelics—this is truly a deep dive that goes beyond the surface of psychedelics.

The contents of The Psychedelic Wisdom Intensive are for educational purposes only and do NOT involve the provision of any form of medical, psychological, legal, or health-care advice or services.

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Sean Lawlor

About Sean Lawlor

Sean Lawlor, LPCC, is the author of Psychedelic Revival: Toward a New Paradigm of Healing, coming soon from Sounds True. He is a regular contributor to leading sites on the topic of psychedelics. Sean has a master of arts in clinical mental health counseling from Naropa University, and he has been trained in ketamine-assisted therapy, MDMA-assisted therapy, and Internal Family Systems. He currently facilitates ketamine therapy at a clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado.