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The Remote Viewing Online Training Course

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Seeing Is Believing—Discover the Power of Remote Viewing

We have been taught that some things must be taken on faith. We may hope or believe that a spiritual reality exists, that our consciousness can survive beyond our physical body, or that we are one with the universe… but can we know for sure?

What if you could have proof?

What if there was something you could learn to do that could not be explained by purely physical means—a repeatable, measurable way to transcend the limits of the material world?

Remote Viewing—A Powerful Method for Unlocking Your Untapped Gifts

Remote Viewing is the ability to extend your perceptions across space and time. It is a technology of consciousness that allows you to collect accurate, verifiable information about places, people, and events far removed from your physical body.

We often think of special gifts like these—if we believe in them at all—as exclusive to psychics or oracles. But in David Morehouse’s experience, there’s nothing “supernatural” about Remote Viewing: it’s an innate human ability, one that we can all develop. And when you do access ability, you will develop a rock-solid certainty in these fundamental truths:

  • You are more than just a physical being
  • You can receive information that you could not get from your five senses
  • You will know that this information could not have come from your ego, imagination, or subconscious mind
  • You will know that your human potential far exceeds the limits we have been taught to believe
  • You are directly connected to the living consciousness of the universe

What You Will Receive:

  • Ten Audio Learning Sessions
    David Morehouse offers his renowned comprehensive training program in the practice of Coordinate Remote Viewing.
  • Three Remote Viewing Training Exercises
    Put your training into action with a direct experience Remote Viewing. Each session contains a unique target and extensive analysis to help you track your progress as a Remote Viewer.
  • 284 Pages of Written Instruction
    Delve deeper into the history and practice of Remote Viewing with this comprehensive manual, featuring detailed definitions and reference guides for every face of the practice.
  • Cool-Down Audio Track
    David Morehouse has found that this psychoacoustic “pink noise” track is especially effective for helping us enter the brainwave state of relaxed awareness needed for Remote Viewing.
  • Complete Downloads of All Course Materials
    The Remote Viewing Online Training Course contains the equivalent content of one of David Morehouse’s live training retreats, valued at roughly $1,300. The complete course is yours to keep and enjoy as you integrate Remote Viewing into your own life.

What Is Remote Viewing—and Where Did It Come From?

David Morehouse first encountered Remote Viewing in 1988, when he was enlisted to participate in the US military’s top-secret Star Gate Program. This was a special government intelligence initiative, the result of millions of dollars of research and scientific study to train “psychic spies.”

The government set out to create a method for gathering intelligence they couldn’t gain any other way. The protocol was called Coordinate Remote Viewing… and it worked.

It also became something far greater than its creators expected it to be.

Without knowing it, the researchers of the Star Gate Program had created a tool for profound spiritual realization. They’d set out to develop a new way of spying. What they ended up with was a mystical path for the scientific age.

The government may not have understood what they were creating, but Remote Viewers like David Morehouse did. As one of the program’s top psychic agents, Morehouse found himself utterly transformed by the experiences he had as a viewer.

He knew that this practice could not be kept in the dark, used only by intelligence agencies. David Morehouse saw the potential for Remote Viewing to benefit humankind as a path for spiritual growth and awakening.

In 1995, he broke the code of silence and began sharing the secrets of Remote Viewing with the world.

David Morehouse’s Training Method—Why Anyone Can Learn Remote Viewing

Since leaving the military, David Morehouse has instructed over 23,000 in the protocol of Remote Viewing. Of those students, only two decided to stop their training before they saw results. Everyone else—from 42 countries, every age group, and from all walks of life—discovered their ability to extend their perceptions across space and time.

Now you have the chance to make the same discovery. All that is required is a willingness to learn.

The Remote Viewing Online Training Course provides comprehensive training in this powerful method. This comprehensive curriculum was created by David Morehouse to provide a thorough grounding in everything you need to know to become a Remote Viewer yourself.

Remote Viewing is a precise, thorough protocol for eliminating every obstacle that prevents our conditioned mind from accessing this intrinsic ability. As you immerse yourself in the science and practice of this extraordinary method, you will learn skills for:

  • Preparing for a Remote Viewing session—how to recognize the best time, place, and state of mind for success
  • Eliminating mental chatter—advanced concentration techniques for quieting your thinking mind
  • Entering a deep meditative state—guidance for entering an altered state of consciousness while remaining alert and aware
  • Opening the “aperture”—techniques for progressively increasing the flow of information you receive from outside your senses
  • Finding your strongest modality of perception—how to discover and build upon your unique strengths as a Remote Viewer
  • Nurturing your gifts—how to integrate the transformative experience of Remote Viewing into every part of your life

The Remote Viewing Online Training Course is the ideal way to learn this practice for unlocking your natural abilities and becoming more than physical world allows. This step-by-step program features more than 22 hours of audio instruction, more than 284 pages of illustrated written material, and three practice sessions for testing your skills as they continue to grow. Over ten intensive training sessions, you will explore:

Session 1: The Journey of Remote Viewing, Part 1
David Morehouse reveals the fascinating story of how the method of Remote Viewing came to be, and its relation to ancient mystical practices throughout the ages. You will learn an overview of the method, the foundations for your own practice, and take the first steps toward awakening your extraordinary potential.

Session 2: The Journey of Remote Viewing, Part 2
Learn more about the government program that created Remote Viewing—and how those who learned the method have transformed it into a path for peace and human evolution. David Morehouse helps you understand the necessary frame of mind needed to become a successful Remote Viewer.

Session 3: The Physics of the Metaphysics
Remote Viewing is a method grounded in science and developed through methodical, results-driven research. David Morehouse encapsulates the concepts of biology, fractal mathematics, and quantum physics that help us understand why Remote Viewing works.

Session 4: Coordinate Remote Viewing Terms of Reference
The foundational practice of Remote Viewing that you will be learning is called “Coordinate Remote Viewing” (or CRV), and each step of the process is clearly and thoroughly defined. You will learn each of the key terms and steps for the protocol, and how to prepare yourself to use them in practice.

Session 5: CRV Protocol and Structure (Stage I and Transition to Stage II)
Here is your first experience of Remote Viewing in action. In this session, you have your first practical exercise as David Morehouse guides you step-by-step through the initial stages of the protocol. You will learn the encompassing and effective Remote Viewing techniques for dealing with the pitfalls of distraction, mental chatter, and self-doubt.

Session 6: CRV Protocol and Structure (Stage II and Transition to Stage III)
The mind is built to look for patterns and make assumptions about what we perceive—yet these normal instincts can interfere with your ability to move beyond the five senses. David Morehouse shows you how to disarm these mental habits so you can “open the aperture” to your connection to the universal field of information.

Session 7: CRV Protocol and Structure (Stage III) and Session Summary and Analysis
As you enter the deep meditative state of Stage III, the ego moves aside and you enter into intimate contact with flow of information from the unified field of consciousness. In this session, you will learn how to record what you learn in this expansive state—and how to make sense of everything that you received during the Remote Viewing session.

Session 8: Practical Exercise 1
It’s time to put it all together. In this session, you will have a start-to-finish experience of all three stages you’ve learned. You’ll be undertaking your first complete self-guided practice session.

Session 9: Practical Exercise 2
Now that you have one full Remote Viewing session under your belt, this next exercise should flow more easily and naturally. This session features video for delivery of coordinates and target analysis.

Session 10: Practical Exercise 3
By this point in the training, many Remote Viewers can track a remarkable increase in the detail and accuracy of the information they receive. We finish our training together with a final practical exercise, including video delivery of coordinates and target analysis.

Further Resources
David Morehouse offers a special audio download session with guidance and resources for continuing your practice, tracking your progress, and deepening your experience with Remote Viewing. You will also receive instructions on how to make your own practice targets, recommended reading for Remote Viewers, and what’s next for you as you move into your full potential.

A Complete Training Course from an Expert Teacher

The beauty of Remote Viewing is that it does far more than it was ever intended to do.

Yes, it was created as a tool for gathering intelligence. Yes, it does allow you see across time and space and bring back reliable information.

But the real gift of Remote Viewing that it puts you in direct contact with the spiritual aspect of yourself—the part of you that connects to the whole universe. And it does so in a way that leaves no room for self-doubt.

You will learn to touch the infinite source of life and knowledge that spiritual masters throughout history have sought. With The Remote Viewing Online Training Course, David Morehouse invites you to learn this transformative practice for awakening your untapped gifts. Here is a chance to step into to your untapped human potential—and a world of new possibilities for your own evolution.

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David Morehouse

About David Morehouse

Born into a family of career officers, David Morehouse for nearly 20 years steadied himself on an unwavering track of becoming a general in the United States Army. Then, in 1987, a machine gun bullet hit him and, by all accounts, should have killed him instantly. Instead, this experience opened his perception to a new reality, and a new understanding of personal and collective purpose. In his international bestseller Psychic Warrior, he recounts how he was recruited into a top-secret program of the CIA and trained as a Remote Viewer, capable of seeing persons, places, and things distant in space-time to gather information. Today David Morehouse has transformed these techniques into a tool for personal empowerment, enhanced insight, intuitive development, and discernment. Now, in a landmark event, he has created his first practical course in this amazing method: The Remote Viewing Training Course.


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The Remote Viewing Online Training Course

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