Yoga for Littles

Card Deck

Yoga for Littles includes 50 cards, each with an illustrated yoga pose and simple instructions. Perform each pose on its own, or follow along with the enclosed booklet to learn 50 unique flows. Using these beautifully designed cards from Lana Katsaros and Alison Oliver, enjoy flows to help your child wake up, relax, manage anger, strengthen memory, release the fidgets, connect to nature, soothe anxiety, celebrate happiness, and so much more.

Full Description

Get ready to yoga! Parents, caretakers, teachers, and children alike will love the simple and fun poses in Yoga for Littles. The 50 cards can be used as standalone poses or combined in endless customizations.
Poses include banana, bumble bee breath, bridge, frog, mountain, happy baby, garland, lion, palm tree, five-pointed star, and more.
The deck also includes a booklet that provides 50 flows that will help you manage anger, strengthen memory, release the fidgets, connect to nature, soothe anxiety, and so much more! Join in a healthy and fun series of easy yoga poses with Yoga for Littles.

Format Details
Card Deck
Contents Card Deck (50 cards)
Dimensions 5.25 x 7.25 Inches
Product Code KT05605
ISBN Number 978-1-68364-239-8
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Alison Oliver

About Alison Oliver

Alison Oliver runs the design studio Sugar in New York City. She is the illustrator of the bestselling BabyLit board books, which introduce small children to classic literature. She is also the illustrator of Yoga for Littles, an interactive yoga deck, and the illustrator of The Breathing Book by Christopher Willard and Olivia Weisser. For more, visit

Lana Katsaros

About Lana Katsaros

Lana Katsaros has created a line of yoga products for little ones, including yoga pants for babies and toddlers. She is a big proponent of yoga for children, finding it to be a useful tool for her son. Visit her at