Staff Favorites

In the Sounds True workplace, we’re practically swimming in spiritual books, CDs, and DVDs. Many of us feel like we’ve “seen and heard it all.” From this ocean of goodness, what do we personally, truly like? What actually inspires us and resonates with us at the deepest level? Have a look at some of the programs that have made the greatest impact on our lives.


Andrew Recommends:

The Present Moment

The Present Moment

Thich Nhat Hanh

Meditations to help you walk, breathe, and communicate more deeply and consciously. Learn More

Andrew Y.
Copy Writer

“Whenever I see this in my iPhone audio list I think to myself: ‘Oh man, I’ve heard this so many times that if I play it again I might get sick of it.’ Then I start listening . . . and I end up immersed in the practices and teachings from beginning to end.

There’s WAY more than mindfulness basics going on in this retreat. Thich Nhat Hanh shares his poetry, personal life lessons, and many seldom-explored teachings, like: how our subtlest ‘mental formations’ shape our reality, addiction support enfolded within the ‘hungry ghost’ archetype, Buddhism’s shamanic-like maps of consciousness, guided meditations that work even if you’re unmotivated to get on the cushion, and a lot more.

He shares all of this in a way that evokes a felt and embodied sense of support while listening. It’s like having a drink of cool, pure water when you’re really thirsty. What a gift Zen master Thich has given to all of us in this life-rocking transmission.

Who this is for: Those who’ve found popular stress-reduction or mindfulness practices kinda-sorta helpful . . . but want to experience the Buddha’s deeper revelations.”


Jeff Recommends:

Reduced to Joy

Reduced to Joy

Mark Nepo

Poetry and teachings for saying yes to the turmoil and magnificence of our human journey. Learn More

Jeff M.
Audio Engineer

“Mark truly opens your heart and mind through Reduced to Joy. He tells of the longest journey we will make in our life: The Journey from Our Head to Our Heart. I find this to be true. His poetry woven through this audio is a gift for all listeners. Mark has a wonderfully beautiful perspective on life and its challenges that makes the long journey more joyful.”


Amy Recommends:

Polishing the Mirror

Polishing the Mirror

Rameshwar Das, Ram Dass

In this unabridged audiobook, Ram Dass teaches his favorite spiritual practices. Learn More

Amy S.
Contracts Administrator

“I enjoyed this audio book so much that I often sat in my car, in various parking lots, not wanting it to end. Ram Dass’ stories and teachings, beautifully spoken by Rameshwar Das, helped to restore my belief that practicing compassion every day can create positive change that has the potential to change the world for the better.”


Jennifer Recommends:

Who Are You?

Who Are You?


Timeless lessons from Advaita Vedanta (radical nondualism) to reclaim your true identity. Learn More

Jennifer M.
Associate Art Director

Who Are You? by Gangaji is a mind- and heart-opening love trip through the woods of ego-identified illusion, emerging through the gateway of realization itself. Gangaji’s teaching presence is so clear, warm, and radiant, the transmission of timeless wisdom effortlessly surrounds you and permeates you. Essential listening for anyone ‘on the path’.”


Rebecca Recommends:

The Secret of Self Realization

The Secret of Self Realization

Eckhart Tolle

Beyond the personal identity of every individual there is a deeper reality to who we are in our most essential nature. The Secret of Self-Realization is an intensive two-session audio program offering Eckhart Tolle’s core insights on the arising of a new consciousness on the planet—and embracing our role in this global transformation. Learn More

Rebecca J.

“There are a lot of Tolle products, but this is the perfect primer for his teachings—it covers all the basics of being present in the Now and answers the most commonly asked questions people have about what he teaches. If you’re looking for an introduction point into the world of Eckhart Tolle, this is it (and believe me, I’ve listened to a lot of his products by now!).”


April Recommends:

The Essential Snatam Kaur

The Essential Snatam Kaur

Snatam Kaur

A sacred chant star from the Kundalini tradition shares her favorite songs for healing. Learn More

April S.
Customer Relations Manager

“Snatam has the voice of angel which sends me into another time and place. I find it perfect to listen to, whether I am driving or meditating, as her voice has a sweetness that just bathes my soul.”


Haven Recommends:

Living as a River

Living as a River


An eloquent book of spiritual and scientific insights to help us embrace impermanence. Learn More

Haven I.
Editorial Director

“Reading Bodhipaksa’s writing is often like reading poetry. It is simply a beautiful experience. As I was reading, I felt like I was dissolving—and when finished I felt a serenity as if I’d spent a whole weekend in meditation. And with this deep calm, I found myself much more able to weather the surprises and challenges in life.”


Jennifer Recommends:

The Shakti Coloring Book

The Shakti Coloring Book

Ekabhumi Charles Ellik

For anyone interested in exploring devotional art, The Shakti Coloring Book is a practical guide to engaging the creative act as a method of self-realization. Ekabhumi provides 21 beautiful images of Indian, Tibetan, and Nepalese goddesses with written descriptions and mantras of greeting; 21 yantras and mandalas, one for each goddess; and key principles and guidelines to sustain and deepen your practice. Learn More

Jennifer B.
Director of Acquisitions

“By now just about everyone has heard that coloring can be relaxing and stress-relieving. That wasn't our inspiration, however, when we asked Eka to develop The Shakti Coloring Book for us. We wanted to give Sounds True readers an accessible but meaningful way to connect to the sacred energy of feminine wisdom. In Ekabhumi we have a highly skilled artist with in-depth understanding of Indian sacred art and a commitment to present it in an authentic way. He brings all of his skills and knowledge to bear in this book, providing reliable information on the significance of the Indian goddesses whose images he has so exquisitely rendered. Feel free to just sharpen up your colored pencils and color for the sake of coloring! But know that in this book you have a wealth of information and tool to expand a fun and creative activity into meaningful spiritual practice.”


Grayson Recommends:

You're It!

You're It!

Alan Watts

Classic talks on the “great game” of the universe—a 12-hour audio retreat with Alan Watts. Learn More

Grayson T.
Deputy Copy Chief

“To me, Alan Watts is the epitome of a great teacher. There are a lot of teachings that are present in most of the wisdom traditions, but when I listen to Watts, I actually get them at a deep level. And the most important one for me is how we can cherish and revere life by not taking it so seriously.”


Trista Recommends:

The Good Life of Helen Nearing

The Good Life of Helen Nearing

Helen Nearing

Timeless teachings from a pioneer in the simple living movement. Learn More

Trista R.
HR Manager

“Oh what a fantastic program! My biggest takeaway is to remember that simple living is a beautiful way to live. I certainly try to keep that in mind when I think that food from my favorite restaurant sounds better than the salad I could put together with veggies from my own garden. This program inspires me!”


Jaime Recommends:



Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer

An experienced ultramarathoner's guide to enhancing your run by tapping into the energy of chi. Learn More

Jaime S.
Creative Team Director

“Danny Dreyer’s amazing program combines t’ai chi principles with running and focuses on the meditative aspects of the sport. Before I began incorporating ChiRunning movement principles, I suffered from tremendous knee pain during and after long runs. Now I run half marathons with no knee pain whatsoever.”


Kasmah Recommends:

The Joy of Eating Well

The Joy of Eating Well

Andrew Weil, Carolyn Ross

Two integrative physicians share a new approach to eating for optimal health. Learn More

Kasmah M.
Executive Assistant

“This audio program is wonderful. For anyone who has struggled to find a balance with eating and enjoying their food, this hits it right on. Food is about nourishing your body and also to be delicious and pleasurable. Lots of great information to feed your soul and body.”


Ingrid Recommends:

You're It!

You're It!

Alan Watts

Classic talks on the “great game” of the universe—a 12-hour audio retreat with Alan Watts. Learn More

Ingrid G.
Foreign Rights Manager

“My husband and I listen to this on every road trip. We both love what a simple reset it is—and that it's light, humorous, and easily accessible.”



Joe Recommends:

Resurrecting Jesus

Resurrecting Jesus


Reconnect to the transformational power of Jesus' life and teachings. Learn More

Joe D.
Copy Chief

“For anyone carrying unresolved confusion or suffering associated with their past experiences with Christianity, here’s a book to help you finally let all of that go so that you can rediscover the radiant being known as Jesus, and explore directly how each one of us is truly called to experience heaven on earth right here and now.”


Randy Recommends:

Abiding in Mindfulness Collection

Abiding in Mindfulness Collection

Joseph Goldstein

Immerse yourself in a three-volume program of advanced Buddhist teachings. Learn More

Randy R.

“In ‘Abiding in Mindfulness,’ Joseph Goldstein goes through the Satipatthana Sutta—Buddha’s own summary of his teachings—one line and sometimes even one word at a time, unwrapping and illustrating the text with personal anecdotes, teaching stories, and poetry from all ages and cultures. Joseph’s ability to respond to this text in almost rapturish detail gives us a taste of what life would look like if we too could see the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wildflower.”


Matt Recommends:

The Power of Kundalini Yoga

The Power of Kundalini Yoga

Karena Virginia

Karena Virginia presents a 90-minute practice DVD suitable for all levels of experience. With music by Snatam Kaur, this beautifully produced program invites you to let go of beliefs and attitudes that have held you back—and align yourself with the forces of love, creativity, and connection that transform our lives and our world. Learn More

Matt H.
​​Product Marketing Manager

“Let me begin by saying Karena epitomizes Kundalini. Her tools are not of chisel, brush, or palette; but rather that of harmony, pulchritude, and soul. Having been featured on Oprah’s “Belief” Series, Karena brings accessibility, magnetism, and transformational healing to this timeless yoga practice. By encouraging first-timers (like me) and seasoned yoginis, she delivers a warm, powerful connection vis-à-vis truth, love, compassion, inner beauty, and radiance. Through a series of warm up exercises to prepare the body and open the energy channels, her detailed instruction is gentle and grounded. Even after several viewings, it was clear that the transmission of this wisdom effortlessly surrounds and permeates you. I find her presence and luscious audio take the listener on a serene, mystical voyage. Karena’s tutelage is soothing, contemplative and intimate. For those novice or yoga aficionados, this DVD is for you. The body is a temple, an altar for the mind . . . Namaste.”


Paul Recommends:

Falling into Grace

Falling into Grace


Fundamental teachings on surrendering to the grace that ends personal suffering. Learn More

Paul B.
Chief Operating Officer

“Adyashanti is one of my favorite spiritual teachers. He combines what I love so much about Eckhart Tolle’s teachings with practical advice to help us wake up to who we truly are. Falling into Grace, as profiled on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah, is simply a must read! Enjoy!”



Scott Recommends:

Spiral Dynamics Integral

Spiral Dynamics Integral

Don Beck

Transform the way you communicate with the hidden “complexity codes” that shape behavior. Learn More

Scott Y.
Web Developer

“We have so many transformative titles here that it is difficult to pick just one, and I recommend many, if not all, of the other titles on this page. One product that stands out for me is Don Beck’s Spiral Dynamics Integral. In this comprehensive collection, Dr. Beck uses his real work experience in South Africa and his dry sense of humor to explain this relatively new developmental model. As each person—and each society—progresses along the spiral, different values are held more closely and thus cause conflict with people and cultures that are at other points along the spiral. Spiral Dynamics Integral provides a lens with which to view today’s world and your own spiritual growth through these stages of development.”



Kyle Recommends:

Your Unseen Power

Your Unseen Power

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

An in-depth curriculum in the sacred science of the Western Mystery tradition. Learn More

Kyle P.
Ecommerce Analyst

“Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki invites you to be her apprentice in this incredible course. For all those who are interested in the Great Work of the Western Mystery tradition, this is an ideal place to start. I love how personal the dialogues feel with this wise and compassionate teacher.”



Keila Recommends:

The Musical Body: Harmonizer

The Musical Body: Harmonizer

David Ison

Release energetic blockages created by accumulated emotional and physical stress. Learn More

Keila H.
Web Content Assistant

“Need a release from physical and emotional stress? David Ison welcomes you to utilize the resources inside yourself. Through breathing, music, and meditation geared towards chakras, you will “wake up” to a more balanced and relaxed self by the end of your journey in The Musical Body: Harmonizer.



Dean Recommends:

Waking Up

Waking Up

Various Authors

An in-depth series exploring the process of spiritual awakening and how it transforms our lives and world. Learn More

Dean H.
Trade Specialist

“Through a series of interviews with spiritual teachers, Waking Up examines some of the enigmas that seekers have been investigating for millennia. What does it really mean to raise your consciousness? Does it happen in an instant, or is it more of a gradual process? Does awakening perfect all aspects of your personality? Are people beginning to wake up more now than ever before? I find these questions to be of great importance, and hearing a myriad of perspectives was enlightening.”

“There are recorded discussions with over 30 authors and teachers: many of them I had not heard of before, others dove deeper into those I’d been familiar with previously. Adyashanti’s contribution was by far my favorite, and I highly recommend listening to his session. Tami Simon does an outstanding job interviewing everyone, and she synchronically has a way of asking the questions I myself was curious about. After hearing the program, I feel one step closer to realizing for myself the state of awareness many of the speakers are obviously operating from!”